Dave Eyles: Chair

I was born in Rugby and have lived in Coventry for nearly 20 years. I've been a Sky Blues supporter for as long as i've been able to appreciate football. 
I've been a season ticket holder for a number of years, but like many others in my position, I have felt unable and unwilling to renew while we play outside of the City. 
Coventry City should be playing in the city that bears its name.
I firmly believe that football in general needs to undergo significant changes. The game that was intended for the fans has lost its identity and there are too many clubs that are poorly run and it's the fans who end up suffering.  
I believe there is a future where Coventry City can be ran effectively so that on-field and off-field successes can be enjoyed in tandem.








rachaelRachel Brown:  Treasurer

Rachael was born in Coventry and has supported the Skyblues for over 30 years. She has been on the Trust board since the beginning and was involved in trust initiatives such as the Academy appeal, the petition to build the Ricoh and the setting up of the SCG. She goes to matches with her son. Rachael works in IT and is currently studying for a Masters in Computer Security






Andrew Fletcher

Well I was born back in the year 1969 and lived in the Binley area. I attended Binley Park Comprehensive that unfortunately is no longer there. I am married with a 16 year old son and no longer live in the city.

To be honest I have had an on off relationship with the club we all love. My first match was in 1977 at the tender age of 8. My late uncle took me for my first experience of the mighty sky blues. It was against Derby County in the FA cup. My uncle sat me on top of one the metal stands in the west terrace and I loved it!

In my teens I paid on the gate each week, season in season out, and swapped between the Kop, where we had our standing space, and the west terrace (where twist and shout was born). I loved the humour of our fans and travelling away was a great experience.

I then spent a few seasons as a season ticket holder in the Sky Blue Stand. I have been at Highfield Road when we were getting around 8,000 attendances through to full capacity.

I have now visited Wembley on three occasions with the mighty Sky Blues, with 87 FA cup win being one of the best days I have ever had. I have now had the opportunity to go with my son, although this was not on the stature as 87, I am so thankful that we had that opportunity.

I did have a few seasons where I lapsed in attending games but my blood still ran Sky Blue. I have seen some great highs and we had some great seasons finishing in top 10 in the first division and beating Liverpool, Man United, and the Villa! 

My favourite all time Sky Blues player came off the back of our 87 cup win when we went out and bought David Speedie. Even when we struggled in league positions the games were entertaining and I still loved going.

Leaving Highfield Road was bitter sweet. It was emotional leaving our home, but we were supposed to be entering an era in big new state of the art stadium. 

As my son grew up I have been able to introduce him to his first experience of the Sky Blues and he has been a fan since then. We have been season ticket holders starting in the family zone, the only break being when we moved to Northampton.

Recent times have been difficult with so many false promises and dawns and slipping further down the football pyramid, managers coming and going with the owners being the only consistent. The lows now completely outstrip the highs which makes the experience so less pleasurable for us.

We long for a bigger brighter future in a place that fits our club and our fabulous fans and live in hope with the right change that we will get back there.




Bruce Walker: Vice-Chair and Secretary

Bruce lives in Coventry and has been a City supporter since he first moved here over 50 years ago, maintaining his support during the periods when he was living and working away from the city. He is one of those who firmly believes that significant off the field change at the club, including an enhanced role for supporters in its operation, is the only way to re-establish the Sky Blues’ place as a major club in a major city.


Luke Harris - Board Member

Born just in time for the FA Cup success of 1987, there was never any other option than being a Sky Blue and wherever I have lived, I have always taken the pride of my city with me and the club has always been a significant part of keeping myself tied to my home. I grew up during the Big Ron / Strachan era with multiple members of my family taking me down to Highfield Road during what were equally stressful, but happier times for the club!

My career has taken me away from the city, but it was important for me to find a way to reconnect, particularly at a time when the team has lost some of its identity through multiple moves and financial pressures created by today's environment.  

Coventry as a whole has now entered a fantastic era of rejuvenation, both in its cultural and sporting endeavours and it now falls to the those of from the city to ensure that we have a voice that is strong enough to continue our story in a way that assures we are able to maintain and grow that success. My intention within the Trust will be to increase our engaged memberships and partnerships through promotion and events across our city to prove that the Sky Blues belong back home. 

I'm excited to be a part of the Sky Blue Trust and look forward to driving positive change in the future. PUSB.


Geoffrey Gulzar - Board Member

I was born in Lahore, Pakistan. At the age of 8 I moved to England and fell in love with Football, my English was very broken so playing football in school helped me to make friends and fit in. Football has been a big part of my life and I know the important role it plays in the community. I am delighted to be part of the Sky Blue Trust Board and look forward to working towards bringing the club back to Coventry and it's people. 


Jamie Gordon - Board Member



I was born and raised in Coventry and am proud to say that I have been a
supporter of the Club all of my life. One day we will return to the Premier League and I will be there to watch it happen. I have a professional background in sport marketing and sport management, which I has helped me in my work on many high profile sporting campaigns.
Coventry City FC should be playing in Coventry and I will do all I can to
assist that in happening.


Grace McKenna - Board Member


I was born in Coventry and lived in the area throughout my childhood, but now live in London. I have worked in football over the past couple of years, formerly at The FA and now for Sky, and hope I can share this first hand experience with the Trust. 


I feel strongly about the power of football in communities and that Coventry should be playing back home in the city. I find the current situation is to the detriment of all parties; all fans, the clubs, the city. It is this frustration which has motivated me to join the Trust. Maybe we can harness our power as a ‘City of Peace & Reconciliation’ to find a way to get our club back to Coventry?


I try to get to Coventry Away fixtures in my area - my closest ground is Loftus Road so I’m over the moon that Championship Football awaits! As well as at club level I’m passionate about football more broadly, particularly the women’s game where I’d love to see a team bearing the Coventry City name again, although I continue to support Coventry United in the Championship.  At a national level I follow the Three Lions and Lionesses home and away, where possible, and it’s great to see the likes of Callum Wilson and James Maddison break into the Senior team. 


The return of Mark Robins has started a great new era, and as the team continue to go from strength to strength on-field I hope the Trust can use its remit to influence (and challenge) the club to also ensure success off-field.                                                     




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