1. Welcome – Including meeting protocols                  CH


Colin Henderson - CH(Coventry City London Supporters Club),

Ray Stephens - RS(Diamond Club),

Simon Champion - SC (Leamington & Warwick Supporters club),

Chris Holliday - CH (Southam Supporters Club),

Pete Griffiths - PG (Sky Blues Talk forum – Notetaker),

Dave Boddy - DB,

Mark Hornby - MH,

Tynan Scope - TS (CCFC),

Kevin  Greenfield - KG  (Disabled Supporters),

Dave Eyles – DE (Sky Blues Trust),

Dave Buust - DBU (SBITC)


CH – Advised PG taking the minutes – All were happy for CH to record the zoom to help PG record what was said accurately.

CH – Asked people to raise their hand to ask a question


2. Apologies for Absence                 CH


Jim Brown (Former players association), Pat Raybould (Family Zone), Colin Power (Welsh supporters), Mike Garlick (Corporate Supporters), Steve Harding (Bedworth and Nuneaton Supporters)


3. Dave Boddy up-date (inc feedback on questions received in advance of the meeting)


Notes recorded on separate sheet for questions raised with DB before meeting. This included a preview of the shirt for those who took out a membership this season. All agreed it looked really good.


4. Deputy Chairman – Nomination process & Timetable.     CH


CH – Explained that the idea was that we would have a deputy chairman and that we wouldn’t change the chair and deputy in the same year.  CH will look to set the timetable and suggest a process of how this will work for the deputy in time for the next meeting      - AP1 – Add this to the next agenda                                          


5. Family Zone                   CH 


CH gave a report from PR who thinks it will be a long time before the family zone is back up and running. She has been working hard on line and social media to keep youngsters engaged with the club. She wanted the notes to reflect her thanks to MH and Dom Hyam for their support of a soon to be held raffle for offering prizes to include.


No Christmas party will be happening this season.  MH advised that he is in regular contact with PR and he doesn’t think there will be a family zone at any games this season, but both are looking to ensure everything is back up and running for the 21-22 sesason.


6. AOB


DE – Trust have been contacted by AFC Bury who are completing a documentary of the effect of Covid on people’s mental health.  DE has forwarded email to CCFC. DBU is happy to take part in any capacity and talk about his curtailing of his career through injury. DB is happy to have a discussion with AFC Bury to understand what they envisage him adding about the club playing away from Coventry. 


DB – Advised that the Supporters representation to the Safety Advisory Group should come from this supporter’s forum rather than from just the Sky Blues Trust as has been happening with Frank Smith being in attendance. DE explained FS background in safety and would want to nominate him from this forum. 


AP2 – We need to agree who will attend the SAG from this forum


Date of next meeting (Zoom call) 


CH suggested a couple of dates for the next call, all agreed to the 7th January 2021.


Action points


AP1 – CH will include nomination for deputy chair and process for elections for the post and the post of chair on the next meeting agenda


AP2 – Supporters forum to decide who will represent us on the SAG


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