The English Football League has said it would be willing to engage with key stakeholders to help a quicker return to Coventry for the Sky Blues.


The football club left Coventry to play in Birmingham during the summer of 2019 after a dispute with stadium owners, Wasps Rugby Club.


Since then, the Sky Blues Trust, which represents more than 2,700 members, has been encouraging stakeholders to find common ground to bring the club back to its home city.


Following meetings with Coventry City Council and Wasps, Trust representatives met with the EFL in London.


A league spokesman reiterated that the EFL wished to see the club playing its matches in the Coventry area.  


He stated that the League was in regular dialogue with the football club about a return to the city, which included the club’s plans for a new stadium. 


Following updates from the Trust, the EFL indicated a willingness to engage further with any of the other main parties if it was felt that this would help achieve a quicker return to Coventry.


The city council, Wasps and the EFL demanded confidentiality as a pre-requisite before all meetings but agreed to go public on certain issues.


Consequently, it has emerged that Wasps would welcome further dialogue with Coventry City about a return to the Ricoh Arena - meanwhile, the city council has discussed three specific sites with the football club’s agents with regard to a potential new stadium.


The Trust is the only fan group which has engaged with all stakeholders with the intent of opening the doors to bring CCFC back to Coventry and informing supporters of the reality of new stadium discussions.


The only stakeholders refusing to speak to the Trust are Coventry City Football Club and its owners.


They believe that a supporters’ forum is the best way of passing on information. However, that forum has met only twice this season and is not meeting again until April.


Meanwhile, the future of Coventry City remains unclear.


It is the Trust’s conviction that bringing the club back to Coventry, particularly while it is so successful on the pitch, would engage thousands of supporters who are not attending matches in Birmingham.


This could only be good for the club’s current finances and, just as importantly, entice more young fans to go along to games and have Coventry City in their blood.


Bizarrely, it has been suggested by the club and some supporters, that the Trust is trying to damage the club.


Nothing could be further from the truth. Every member of our board has supported Coventry City for more than 20 years and some have been fans for more than 50.


We want our club to be back where we belong – in the Coventry and the higher echelons of English football.


However, we believe that supporter involvement is essential to the future of the club going forward and lack of transparency is detrimental to that.


Consequently, we would be delighted if the club offered a clear plan forward.


However, while that is not emerging, we will continue to work, as volunteers, to try to assist in finding a solution to the current impasse.

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