• The Sky Blue Trust notes the statement from Coventry City FC advising that the scheduled EFL meeting this week has been cancelled and that a "Plan B" ground share arrangement has been agreed with another Football League club, believed to be Birmingham City FC.
Whilst we acknowledge that it is good news that the club owners and Wasps are still talking with a view to agreeing a mutually beneficial deal to play at the Ricoh, we once again make clear our view that Coventry City FC must play in Coventry. Anything else will be a massive failure on all of those parties with the power to make it happen.
As was made perfectly clear in the survey we facilitated for the EFL, a groundshare outside of Coventry, be it at St Andrews or anywhere else will be unacceptable to the vast majority of the Sky Blue Community. 
We are therefore surprised and disappointed that the EFL appear to have accepted the groundshare backstop without any indication as to the date of when, if, how or under what conditions they will ensure that SISU return our Club to our City should the groundshare be implemented.
There is however still time to stop this disastrous measure so instead of wasting any more words we simply say to those who are letting our football club and our city down so badly.

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