With the uncertainty over our beloved Sky Blues future causing so much  anger, frustration  and confusion we've been asking some of our younger fans, the very lifeblood of our football club, what Coventry City means to them. 

We hope that all of the parties in this saga take the opportunity to read the thoughts of these young Sky Blues fans and do whatever it takes  to ensure a future in Coventry for our City's historic football club.
Our first contribution comes from Ben Lole, aged 16, a regular volunteer in the Family Zone.

My view on CCFC For me and for thousands of other people, Coventry City Football Club means a lot more than just a nice day out to watch some high level football.

For me, CCFC has been a constant comfort, the club in itself and the people involved, in the way that no matter what is going on in my personal life, I can come to CCFC and people will accept me and let me join in just for being me.

As well as this watching my beloved Sky Blues play for 90 minutes, is 90 minutes of escape, for 90 minutes all that matters is what is happening on the pitch, acting as a brilliant antidote to any internal trauma I may be feeling.

Football is amazing that way, it brings many people together, no matter your race, gender, sexuality, religion or personal situation, your football club will always be there.

On top of this football allows you to meet so many amazing people, by helping out in the family zone I have met so many amazing people and made countless lifelong friendships.

I am well acquainted with the people who sit around me during home games, and I cannot remember the last time I went to an away game and didn’t end up speaking to a fellow fan often embracing them after city score a fabulous goal.

All this coupled with the constant desire to win, and to do the city of Coventry proud and put it back on the map, is why this football club means the literal world to me and thousands of others.

I would go as far to say that CCFC is one of my closest and dearest friends.

As I previously mentioned I volunteer in the family zone and I see every other week the same load of young fans come into the family zone to support their football club and I know what it means to them.

Yet now I’m being I’m told that all this could be taken away from me and thousands of others.

So I am begging you all please, find a way to put your differences aside and look at the bigger picture here, look at all the innocent fans that have been driven away from our amazing football club, and look and the thousands of die-hard sky blues who would be truly heartbroken if we lose our football club.

Think of all the people you could hurt, the ones you have hurt, don’t be the ones with blood on your hands if we lose our club, do something about it. The time for action is now, please don’t let us lose our football club, I’d be heartbroken and lost without my sky blues.

Its more than just a game, Coventry City football club is more than just a club, it’s a way of life.


Ben Lole (City Till I Die) 16

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