With just two scheduled matches remaining at the Ricoh the Sky Blue Trust urges Coventry City fans to get up to the stadium for these remaining fixtures and get behind Mark Robins and the team. 
As things stand the match against Shrewbury Town on Sunday April 28th will be the last that the Sky Blues play in the city.
This unpalatable prospect is not one that Coventry City fans want to see. Our football club belongs in Coventry and that's where we should be watching the Sky Blues play.
Let's therefore take the opportunity to demonstrate just what our proud city will be missing if our team ends up playing outside of Coventry.
Whatever your intentions are for next season , if it ends up with a groundshare, let's turn up in large numbers for both the Bradford City and Shrewsbury Town matches and get behind the team.
Show the people that matter,  what the Sky Blues mean to us, why we need to stay in Coventry and just what potential there is, playing at the Ricoh, in front of a large Sky Blue following.

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