The Sky Blue Trust recently hosted a meeting, to which both key players in the current stadium crisis and concerned Coventry City supporters, were invited.


The aim of the meeting was to explore different ideas that might assist in bringing an end to the current impasse that threatens the future of the Sky Blues if not resolved.


At this well attended meeting there was an overwhelming feeling that we, as supporters, had to do what we could to save our club, exploring all possible avenues. 


There were a number of interesting and innovative suggestions made, all of which were noted and discussed further at a further meeting last week where members from the Sky Blue Trust board and other groups met to put in place proposed actions.


These actions largely fall into three categories;


- Engagement with Key Stakeholders.

- Establishing and communicating the real facts.

- Raising profile of our clubs situation.


The following list is not exhaustive. We will add to it and adjust according to circumstances. However it does contain some of our initial agreed plans.


Engagement with Key Stakeholders


- Members from Sky Blue Trust board to meet with officials from Coventry City Council. ( An initial meeting was held on February 5th with further meetings planned.)

- Members from Sky Blue Trust board to seek meeting with officials from Wasps. We are making regular and strenuous endeavours in regard to a dialogue.

- Members from Sky Blue Trust board to seek meeting with EFL Chief Executive Shaun Harvey and other senior officials of EFL. We hope that a meeting can take place in the near future.

- Members from Sky Blue Trust board to seek further meetings with other relevant parties and agencies.


Please note that any of these meetings must take place on the basis of “confidence and trust”. Therefore, we will be limited as to how much we can say publicly. If a viable and satisfactory solution is to be developed, this will only be achieved by all parties respecting appropriate discretion, possibly with formal Non-Disclosure Agreements in place.


Establishing & Communicating the real facts.


- Jimmy Hill Way spokesperson David Johnson has written a 12000 word article detailing the " story so far" in the words of the key stakeholders in this saga. This has been made available on the Sky Blue Trust website and through social media outlets.


- The Sky Blue Trust has commissioned a detailed, researched account of the key facts which has been compiled by a well respected Chartered Accountant and aims to provide a clear statement of provable facts and dispel some myths. This will be published shortly. 


- Coventry City FC Chairman Tim Fisher to be invited to Open Meeting at the earliest opportunity to explain the real CCFC position. 


- Sky Blue Trust board to commission further research into background of SISU shareholders. 


Raising profile of our clubs situation


- Sky Blue Trust members and other Sky Blues supporters to be given access to a template to send to their local MP or councillor adding their own personal story as to what this current impasse means to them, and asking for their support. 


- Sky Blue Trust media team to raise profile Nationally, seeking support of respected journalists and broadcasters including Jim White, David Conn, Danny Taylor and Henry Winter. 


- Sky Blue Trust board to research possibility of ACV (Asset of Community Value) at Ryton training ground. 


- A visual demonstration “6 and Out “ to be organised at the forthcoming televised match at Luton Town FC on February 24th. 


- A coach to be organised to travel to London to lobby key organisations including a visit to SISU HQ.


- A delivery of correspondence/letters from Sky Blues fans detailing what Coventry City FC means to them. These letters to be sent to both Joy Seppala and the Football Club.  


- Other lawful protests/demonstrations arranged by other supporter groups with the intention of raising profile of clubs impending homelessness to be supported where possible.


- Further matchday demonstrations towards end of season to be arranged depending on progress with solution.  


We encourage all Sky Blue Trust members and other Coventry City supporters to get behind these proposals to help try and ensure a future for our football club.

Any additional suggestions remain very welcome as is any help you can offer.


If you wish to make contact please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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