Last Monday the Sky Blue Trust called a meeting to give all Coventry City fans the opportunity to have their input on the stadium issues that threaten the future of our club and to offer any suggestions as to what supporters can do to break the impasse.

We invited Joy Seppala, Tim Fisher and David Boddy to the meeting but received no response. We also invited representatives from Wasps and Coventry City Council who responded to say they were unable to attend.

Approximately 100 attended the meeting, many of whom were angry and frustrated that there had been no resolution to this damaging issue.

At the start of the meeting it was outlined to those in attendance how the Trust’s “Countdown to Homelessness campaign, which was in operation for the second successive season had targeted all key stakeholders, including club owners, CCFC Chief Executive, CCFC Chairman, Coventry City Council, EFL, Local MP’s etc., appealing for their input to seek a solution to the potential “homelessness” issue.

We then provided an update on the support we had received from a large number of local MP’s and the action they were taking, following our intervention, to arrange meetings with the parties concerned.

Members attending the meeting were keen to continue to raise the profile by writing individual letter to MP’s  to further seek their support. Particularly the two local MP’s who had not yet responded despite repeated contact.

There was also a view that with Coventry soon to receive both “City of Culture” and “City of Sport” status, that Coventry City Council may be persuaded to take a more active role in seeking a solution. The Trust has sought meetings with the Council and will continue to do so.

It was also agreed that talks with the EFL be pursued to seek clarity on the allocation of the “Golden Share”, confirmation of the deadlines they are imposing on the club owners to confirm where the Sky Blues will be playing next season and critically, should no solution be found, what action they will take about the clubs place in the football league. There was also a call to raise concerns with them about Tim Fisher’s untenable position due to the conflict of interest between his concurrent roles as: Sole Director of Otium Entertainment and co-Director of Sky Blue Sports & Leisure, two of the litigants against Wasps; and Chairman of Coventry City FC, trading name of Otium, which is the tenant of Wasps.

It was also felt that the EFL should endeavour to speak directly with Joy Seppala to try and identify her intentions for the football club.

The meeting was also keen for the Trust to continue to seek meetings with both the owners of Coventry City FC and Wasps RFC.

There were a number of other ideas suggested in the form of protest and raising awareness on a National level, targeted at each of the parties involved and these will be considered further and allocated amongst different groups in attendance.

The Sky Blue Trust will  now be writing to both those attending the meeting and members generally to outline how it intends to take these plans forward.

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