The Sky Blue Trust was pleased to see the Westminster Hall debate arranged by Coventry MP Jim Cunningham take place today following our appeal to all local MP's to help seek a solution to the ongoing stadium crisis that threatens the very existence of the Sky Blues.
All of the Coventry and Warwickshire MPs who contributed to the debate spoke passionately and clearly in support of the fans and asked searching questions of SISU, of Wasps and the football authorities. The Minister in response made some very good points. 
She said that it is important that football clubs are treated as community assets and not as pawns to be bought and sold.  She added that the football authorities must look again at the protection of clubs and  that Coventry City FC should prioritise an open dialogue about the issues of concern to fans. 
She stressed  that the number of problems arising at football clubs may suggest that the football authorities are unable to govern the game.
Of course, what is important now is how will the various parties who have the ability to prevent the homelessness of Coventry City will act.  Will the court case continue to grind on and heighten the risks (as well as wasting lots of money)? What stance will the English Football League and the Football Association take ?  What will Ministers say directly to the football authorities about the need for reform of the regulation of football in this country?
We will continue to monitor the situation closely and seek urgent answers as well as positive actions from all of the parties concerned.
For those wishing to see the debate please follow the link below
As an alternative you can read a transcript of the proceedings at the following link
The Sky Blue Trust note and thank the comments of Mr Jim Cunningham (Coventry South) (Lab)
"I thank the Sky Blue Trust, which has worked tirelessly for the sake of the club and the city, and all the other Coventry City supporters both in the city and outside it."

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