“The news that SISU have once again lost in Court gives the Sky Blue Trust hope that this futile and costly legal saga has ended. The Trust is now asking for three things to happen:

“1. SISU and Otium should confirm immediately that no further legal action regarding the Ricoh Arena will be undertaken. No appeals, no JR3, 4 or 5.
“2. The Club confirm to Wasps that there is no longer any impediment to constructive talks over continued use of the Ricoh by the Sky Blues.
“3. SISU accept that, to give the Club a positive future, new owners are needed, who will take a long-term view, build positive partnerships with all the stakeholders and win the confidence of Sky Blue fans. We urge Tim Fisher not to pretend that he and SISU are in any position to do that themselves. They have created toxic relationships with everyone involved and all confidence in them was lost, forever, some years ago.”

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