Letter sent to Geoffrey Robinson, Colleen Fletcher and Jim Cunningham 


I am writing on behalf of the Sky Blue Trust, the largest independent group of Coventry City supporters, with almost 3000 members. Following the match against Wycombe Wanderers this evening, Coventry City will have only 11 League Two matches scheduled to be played at the Ricoh Arena before the end of the current season.  As you know, the agreement which allows such games to be played at the Arena expires at the end of the season. 


Coventry City are therefore just 11 games away from homelessness. Unless a suitable home ground, which meets all the relevant standards, can be secured before the start of the 2018/19 season, Coventry City may cease to exist.


You will know that Otium Entertainment Group Ltd, Sky Blue Sports & Leisure Ltd and ARVO Master Fund Limited are taking court proceedings against Coventry City Council and Wasps. Following the recent preliminary Court of Appeal hearing, I understand that some form of mediation is now supposed to be taking place. Nevertheless, you will realise that fans would like clarity. Therefore, please can you tell me what steps the you, as one of the Members of Parliament for Coventry, have taken, are taking or propose to take to bring about a resolution to the continuing grave uncertainty as to where Coventry City will play their home games? I hope you share the strong wish of Sky Blues fans everywhere that the Club must be enabled to play their home games in the City of Coventry beyond the end of the current season?


As Coventry City supporters are increasingly alarmed about the growing urgency of this matter, please could I have your response to this message by Monday 1 January 2018?


Yours sincerely


Roger Ellis

Secretary, the Sky Blue Trust




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