"Dear Joy

It’s been 10 years since you and your wretched company, Sisu Capital, entered our lives.

Any illusion that your attentions would re-invigorate our true love, Coventry City Football Club, has long since turned into a nightmare.

For each one of those years, here are just 10 of the indignities suffered by Coventry City and its supporters in that abysmal Decade of Decline:

  • Administration
  • Battered in Court
  • Evicted and Exiled
  • Failed Managers
  • Fisher the Fool
  • Points Deductions
  • Relegated Twice
  • Star Players Sold
  • Transfer Embargo
  • 12,000 Lost Fans

… and so many more!

There is no future in this relationship and we beg you to accept that fact. Move on and let Coventry City heal the wounds inflicted by your neglect, in the hands of people who genuinely love the club.

You have been offered a more than generous financial settlement, do not let avarice and bitterness delay your departure any longer.

Please Joy …… let us have a divorce!"


From all of us at The Jimmy Hill Way

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