Jim's son and daughter, Ben and Aimee Twyneham, are really heartened and almost overwhelmed by the response to their father’s passing earlier this month. While they can't thank people individually, they do want to send a "thank you" message to everyone who has expressed their sadness or felt loss at his departure.

Ben and Aimee look forward to seeing those of you who can make it at Canley Crematorium on Wednesday 26th July at 1.30pm and welcoming you afterwards at the Chestnut Tree in Craven Street, Chapelfields, 3.00pm onwards, there to raise a glass, as Jim himself was known to do, in his honour.

This will be a celebration of Jim's life and particularly of his love of Coventry City FC. Therefore, Ben and Aimee want us all to wear whatever Sky Blue we can at the Crematorium and afterwards at the Chestnut Tree - no black!


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