The Sky Blue Trust is disappointed to read the latest minutes from the Supporters Consultative Group (SCG) meeting on November 30th which once again demonstrate how ineffective this forum has become.


At a time when our football club faces the biggest crisis in its history we find it staggering that a large section of the meeting was devoted to attacking individuals and different supporters groups rather than serving its intended purpose, to improve the supporter experience.


Our fans are in turmoil at the moment at the clubs tragic demise.  We believe therefore that the SCG should be doing everything it can to help improve the lot of those fans rather than allowing the meeting to deteriorate into such a sorry state.


The SCG as it stands is not fit for purpose. We therefore urge those responsible to embrace the need for change , to offer proper representation and to set aside egos and personal aspiration in putting supporters first.


To highlight just one example of many where it appears not to recognise its intended purpose. 


In the minutes, the SCG appears to believe that it is right for Football League guidance on supporter engagement to be confidential. That beggars belief and shows just how out of touch are the attitudes of these people on the need for supporters to be properly represented, informed and consulted.


We hope under a new chair that the SCG can become an effective and relevant conduit between fans and club that it was when originally instigated by the Trust.

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