The Sky Blue Trust is sad to see the departure of Tony Mowbray from the Club. He led us through an exciting season in 2015/16 - the most enjoyable for City fans in many years. We understand that when results go so badly from the start of the season, as they have for us this time with ten winless league games, attention focusses on the Manager. However, the Trust feels that most of the responsibility for our dreadful plight rests with the owners of the Club - SISU - and we believe it is they that should now be considering their position following their comprehensive mismanagement of our club.

Ian Dowie, Chris Coleman,Aidy Boothroyd, Andy Thorn, Mark Robins, Steven Pressley and now Tony Mowbray have all come and gone during their tenure which suggests the problem lies far deeper than who the manager of the club is and that only a change of ownership will allow the club to move forward.

We therefore reiterate that SISU should follow Mowbrays honourable lead and put the club up for sale.

We would also add that it is club chairman Tim Fisher under who's stewardship the club has failed at every turn. We therefore feel strongly that, on this occasion, the wrong man has left the Club.

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