On Monday evening a meeting was held bringing together representatives from Coventry City supporters groups as well as individual supporters all with one common view. That Coventry City Football Club is in a massive state of decline and that the time has come for current owners SISU to put the club up for sale.

The near capacity gathering demonstrated huge respect for each other's views and a unified determination to save our club.

All who attended were given the opportunity to contribute ideas and proposals to help formulate a plan to help convince SISU that putting the club up for sale is the right thing to do and the only possible way this club will ever move forward again.

After more than 2 hours of lively and often emotional debate what became clear was the level of anger and dismay demonstrated by those in attendance.

However what emerged was a rational,innovative and varied action plan that  has both the potential to persuade SISU to sell up but also to further raise awareness of our clubs plight and to market its potential for any prospective buyer.

The plan is not just a couple of short term events but a whole raft of carefully crafted activities which will take place over a medium to long term period so as to keep up the momentum.

The plan has been dubbed "The Jimmy Hill Way" with our campaign hashtag "Fighting the Jimmy Hill Way" with the additional strap line ... You know what Jimmy would have done. What will you do to save our club ?

Future communications will come under this cover to recognise the great man's contribution to our football club and our determination to prevent unfit owners from destroying his legacy.

We will not be publishing the full plan at this point in order to maintain the level of surprise and intrigue however we can confirm that  the first phase of the plan will begin in October with a couple of activities that we hope all Coventry City supporters will support.

One of which is a proposed march ahead of the Rochdale match at the Ricoh on October 22nd. This will be followed by a boycott of the game with those not attending urged to assemble by the Jimmy Hill statue whilst the game takes place.

Further details will follow shortly but we would like to make clear that there will be no animosity shown to anybody who does attend the game. We are all Coventry City fans and we must all make our own decisions on the best course of action to take.

One final thing to add for now. This campaign totally distances itself from some of the rumoured extreme actions that are allegedly  being considered by certain parties. We do not condone violence or the threat of violence in any way and reiterate that all of our actions will be both peaceful and legal.

Our way will be the Jimmy Hill Way. Determined, inspired and Ultimately successful.

We urge all Coventry City supporters to join our campaign and save our football club.


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