The Coventry Telegraph this week took what must have been an incredibly tough decision to call upon owners SISU to put the club up for sale.

The Sky Blue Trust has had to make similarly tough decisions having exhausted every other possible avenue in trying to work with the club in trying to move the club forward.

We are therefore saddened and disappointed at the Club owners decision to ban the Coventry Telegraph from its press conferences.

We find the decision petty and small minded and not befitting of our once proud club.

Over 12000 people have currently signed the Telegraph petition calling for SISU to go and the Trust is 100% behind this.

Simply put the vast majority of Coventry City fans do not want SISU as owners and the Telegraph is right to reflect this view.

The club owners have stated on repeated occassions that the club ownership and the football club are separate entities.

We therefore find it hard to understand why Andy Turner reporting on what Tony Mowbray has stated on the eve of a game has any bearing on a Telegraph editorial decision to support city fans treated so poorly for so long by the club owners.

We therefore urge SISU to reflect on this latest poor decision and display a rare demonstration of class and  humility and back down with immediate effect and allow our long serving local newspaper to serve supporters of Coventry City in a manner that the owners appear unable to.

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