Whilst it is disappointing to hear that negotiations between CCFC and Wasps have been suspended it is good to hear that at least they have been talking. It is also heartening that it does appear that some real progress has been made in coming to a long term agreement for the Sky Blues to remain at the stadium that was built for them, although the seeming disparity displayed by their respective statements as to the number of points of agreement is a bit confusing.

The recent Coventry Telegraph poll showed that the majority of CCFC fans wish to stay at the Ricoh and we would urge all parties to re-open negotiations as quickly as possible, removing or at least putting to one side the stated obstacles, to ensure a deal is done.

We recently called on SISU to withdraw from further legal proceedings, reflecting the widespread view amongst Sky Blues fans that “Enough is Enough”. The evidence is clear from this latest development that court action is now not only a distraction for the football club; it also has the potential to damage Coventry City’s future prospects.

However the most pressing matter facing the club at this moment is the situation surrounding the clubs Academy at the Higgs Centre. This is a very serious situation as the importance of a top class category 2 academy cannot be overstated – we once again urge all parties, CCFC, CSF, CCC and Wasps to examine all options and work out a plan that retains the status of this vital asset to the club.

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