The Sky Blue Trust welcomes thge announcement of the Appeal Court verdict regarding the Judicial Review into Coventry City Council providing financial support for Arena Coventry Limited (ACL).

The ruling of three senior Justices - Tomlinson, Treacey and Floyd - upheld the decision made by Justice Higginbottom in 2014 and praised that original "impressive judgement". It also states thgat "The appellants (Sisu) have not in my view come close to demonstrating that the judge reached an impermissible conclusion."

That, one might think, would be an end to the matter. However, Sisu's legal team have indicated a strong possibility that the fight may continue, with solicitor Alex Carter-Silk saying, "There are significant public policy reasons why this matter should be reviewed by the Supreme Court. A reference of certain aspects of the matter to the European Commission is also under consideration." 

In the background is also the spectre of Judicial Review 2 which concerns the sale of ACL to Wasps Rugby Club.

Clearly, like any losing party in a court action, Sisu are inevitably disappointed with this outcome. However, the overwhelming reaction of Coventry City supporters, whatever their views on the rights and wrongs of this case, is that "Enough is Enough". Social media reaction has been virtually unanimous on that point.

Therefore, we urge Sisu to heed the views and advice of Sky Blues fans. This matter has dragged on for much too long, and is a distraction, if not a direct financial drain on the club. We therefore respectfully suggest that Sisu put this matter behind them and ask them to work constructively with their partners in the City of Coventry, including the City Council ACL Wasps and others, with a view to achieving future success, on and off the field, for the club we all love.

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