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13th January  NCH Ltd purchase the one issued share of CNR Ltd making that company its wholly owned subsidiary
NCH Accounts 2013
February  Birse withdraw as main contractors for the stadium build.  
31 March  Accounts for Coventry North Regeneration Ltd disclose its principal activities are to get the Stadium built (pre completion) and after that to be Landlord of the Arena which would be operated under a development agreement lease.
Accounts for CCFC Group show a net investment of £6,808,425 in the Arena Project which was then sold to the AEH Charity for £6,500,000. The balance of £308,425 was written off. CCFC H paid land lease of £308500 in the year but unclear if that all related to Highfield Rd
Companies House
CCFC Group Accs 2003 & 2004
31st May Arena 2001 Ltd no longer a going concern. Net liabilities of £6,607,035, including £5,225,228 owed to CCFC H. There are no payments to directors.
Companies House
31st May Football Investors Limited accounts disclose that the company had purchased a 50% share in Arena Coventry Limited at a cost of £2m. The purchase was financed by loans from D A Higgs, M C McGinnity and G Robinson tota lling £2m (unsecured and interest free ). The accounts also disclose the subsequent sale of those shares to the Alan Edward Higgs Charity. Companies House
17th September  Arena company rejects the terms of loan offered by Banco Espirito Santo
Council Minutes
25th September  Banco Espirito Santo withdraw offer to provide £21m loans to assist funding of stadium build
Council Minutes

5th October  Sky Blue Trust commence their “Build it” campaign. Petition raises 4600 signatures by 16th October, when it was presented to the emergency Council meeting.

Sky Blue Trust records

14th October  Laing O’Rourke Midland Ltd appointed as main Contractor to build the stadium. 

CNR accounts 2003
14th October  North Coventry Holdings Limited incorporated.NCH owns 100% of NCR Ltd. NCH is wholly owned by Coventry City Council
Companies House
16th October  Emergency Council meeting votes 29 to 23 in favour of the stadium build. Council Public Report 16/10/2003
19th December  Alan Edward Higgs Charity acquires 50% of ACL from CCFC H Ltd. Shares owned by Football Investors Limited, which becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the Charity. Cost to Charity £6,523,184 inc. fees. Payment made of £2m cash, £2.5m waiver of loan and £2m to two directors who had outstanding loans to FIL who then re-loaned the money to CCFC Ltd. CCFC Ltd acquires option to purchase shares back from the Charity CCFC H accounts, 
Judicial Review docs 
AEH Charity and CCFC Ltd accounts
19th December  Development agreement between ACL and CCFC signed

Details of the Project build agreed 2003

- Acquisition of 70 acre site
- Clearance of site
- demolition
- development of 32000 all seater stadium
- 6000 sq metre exhibition halls
- 8400 sq metre casino
- 1400 sq metre health and fitness suite (now converted to extra hotel rooms)
- Central atrium/lobby
- conference and banqueting facilities
- railway halt

Administrators report