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31st May CCFC H Ltd accounts confirm outline planning permission received for new stadium at the Foleshill Gas works. Total costs expended to that date £150,526 Companies House
CCFC H a/c’s 1998
 11th March Arena 2001 Ltd incorporated. Development company for new stadium wholly owned by CCFC H. No Director owned shares in Arena 2001 Limited Companies House
 31st May  Accounts for CCFC H show expenditure of £469,408 on new stadium CCFC H a/c’s 1999
 14th July  mortgage charge registered in favour of HBG Construction Limited. Security for loan agreement dated 14th July 1999 between HBG and Arena 2001 Limited. Floating charge over the Foleshill Gas works site. By 31/05/2001 Arena 2001 Limited owed £13.6m under this arrangement. Companies House 
 20th December  CCFC H Ltd sell Highfield Rd ground and lease back. It is a three year lease agreement. CCFC H made a capital loss on the sale of £5,226,454 meaning proceeds were £4.5m CCFC H Accounts 2000
 31st May  Financial statements for Arena 2001 Ltd show losses and net liabilities of £910,916. A total of £11,808,671 had been spent on the Arena project but the company owed loans and creditors, (inc. CCFC H £1,608,884), were a total of £14,031,197. None of the loans were classed as long term (ie they were repayable within 1 year). Companies House
 31st May CCFC H Ltd accounts show expenditure of £11,179,496 on the new stadium project CCFC H Accounts 2000
 31st May  Financial statements for Arena 2001 ltd show losses of £471,304 and net liabilities of £1,381,400. Directors had been paid been paid £223,128 in that second year. The assets under construction £17,691,246 included interest capitalised on loans of £1,469,370. The assets under construction show a note that they had been sold during the year (not to AEHC) and Arena 2001 Ltd had an option to repurchase on satisfaction of other loans £13,605,753. Although Arena 2001 Ltd no longer owned the site the assets and liabilities of the project were still shown in the accounts because of the option to repurchase, which was dependent on refinancing the project. Arena 2001 Limited owed CCFC H

£3,477,874. Land rent paid in year £415,232 but unclear if this all related to Highfield Rd

Companies House
CCFC H Accounts 2000
31st May CCFCH accounts show expenditure of £6,511,750 on the new stadium project CCFC H a/c’s 2001
1st November  Football Investors Limited formed. Co Number 04315455 Companies House