16th May 1995 Clubon Limited incorporated, on 30th May 1995 changed its name to CCFC Limited. Wholly owned subsidiary
Companies House
1st June 1995 All football business/players purchased by CCFC Ltd from its holding company The Coventry City Football Club Limited

CCFC H, CCFC Ltd accounts 1995

1st June 1995 management services agreement to allow CCFC Ltd to run the facilities owned by CCFC H

1995 & 1996 accs, Companies Hse



16th February 1996 The Coventry City Football Club Limited changed its name to Coventry City Football Club (Holdings) Limited. CCFC Limited changed its name to Coventry City Football Club Ltd

CCFC H, CCFC Ltd accs 1996, Co Hse
11th March 1999 Arena 2001 Ltd incorporated. Development company for new stadium wholly owned by CCFC H
Co Hse
Coventry City relegated to Championship FL Statistics
Year to 31st May 2002 CCFC H accounts note that option to purchase the land on which Ricoh Arena was built lapsed. £4.8m net costs treated as cost of investment in Arena Coventry Limited (joint venture with CCC) (net costs is the costs spent less relevant loans/creditors) 50:50 Joint venture with CCC.  Companies House 

CCFC H accounts 2002

Accounts for CCFC Group show a net investment of £6,808,425 in the Arena Project which was then sold to the  AEH Charity for £6,500,000. The balance of £308,425 was written off

Companies House 
CCFC Group Accounts 2003 & 2004

 19th December Alan Edward Higgs Charity acquires 50% of ACL from CCFC ltd. Shares owned by Football Investors Limited, which becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the Charity. Cost to Charity £6,523,184 inc. fees. Payment made £2m cash £2.5m waiver of loan and £2m to two directors who had outstanding loans to FIL who then re loaned the money to CCFC ltd. CCFC Ltd acquires option to purchase shares back from the Charity.  

CCFC H accounts, Judicial Review docs

19th December Development agreement between ACL and CCFC signed

 Administrator's Report


13th February Escrow account deed signed £500,000 deposited Administrators report
September CCFC Academy opens at the Alan Higgs Centre Official Press Release,
AHCT Accounts

30th April Last game played at Highfield Road won 6:2 vs Derby. Attendance 22,777

 FL statistics
 19th August Ricoh Arena opens Coventry City Council Minutes
 20th August CCFC first game at Ricoh Arena won 3:0 vs QPR. Attendance 23,043  FL Statistics
 29th March Lease & Licence agreement at Ricoh Arena signed  Administrators report

2nd June ACL draw down Yorkshire Bank loan £21m to pay ease premium rather than pay annual rent of 1.9m

 Coventry City Council Minutes 27/06/06

27th June  Council Arena Construction Completion Report £118,677,000 build cost Purchase:

Land purchase £24,000,000

Land  related costs £19,074,000 (decontamination cost & infrastructure £17m)

Construction & fitting costs £ 75,603,000

Paid for by:

Sale to Tesco £59,420,000 (land owned by CCC bought from British Gas)

CCC equity £10,000,000

CCC funding of overspend £2,947,000

Prudential borrowing £21,000,000 (repaid by ACL lease premium)

European Regional Dev Fund £4,374,000

Advantage west Midlands £4,800,000

Isle of Capri £5,900,000

Received from CCFC (shares in Football investors ltd) £1,758,000

Other £8,478,000

Coventry Council minutes
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