The Group will comprise up to 15 supporters, who will represent various supporter organisations and/or demographic groups whose input is considered of value in representing the generality of Coventry City supporters

The Group will meet regularly on a monthly basis, on dates agreed by the Group in advance

The Group is sponsored by the Chief Executive of Coventry City Football Club, who will ensure that the Club will make available its personnel appropriate to the agenda of the meeting

The Group will, at an agreed meeting each year, elect a Chair and Vice-Chair, and appoint a Minutes Secretary. Each will serve in post for one year, with the Deputy Chairman automatically assuming role of Chairman at the anniversary date

Membership of the Group will not be restricted, and new members may be invited to join on the voluntary resignation of existing members

An agenda for each meeting will be prepared by the Secretary, in consultation with the Chair, and circulated to members of the Group at least seven working days before the meeting

The agenda will be agreed as the first item of business at each meeting. Members of the Group may request items to be placed on the agenda up to ten days prior to the meeting

The Minutes Secretary will circulate minutes of each meeting at least seven days prior to the next meeting.

The Club’s Board will invite the Chairman or Deputy Chairman plus one member, selected on a rotation basis, to attend part of the monthly Board meeting of the Club

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the Group will be

  • to act as a channel of communication and consultation between the Club and its supporters
  • to continually improve the overall emotion that is experienced as a supporter of Coventry City Football Club through collaborative discussion and exchange of ideas
  • to promote the Club’s engagement in the local and regional community
  • to seek ways to continually improve match day experience, including increasing attendance and enhancing stadium atmosphere
  • to continually improve the image of the Club and the sense of pride in supporting Coventry City Football Club

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