Minutes of SCG 09.07.2013 !

Present: Tim Fisher (CCFC), Dan Walker (CCFC), Nick Connell (CCFC), Tynan Scope

(CCFC) Pat Raybould, Pat Able, Ray Stephens, , Jan Mokrzycki, Steve Brown, Alan

McGory, Kevin Heffernan, Adam Dent, Bob Eels, !

Apologies: Peter Ward, Darren Davies, Steve Barnett, Chris McGrath, Jonathan Strange,

Jim Brown !

Tim: We signed ground share with Northampton last week, Football League reluctantly

agreed, We had to provide a £1m bond, Project Plan for new stadium submitted and we

received sign off yesterday from FL !

Dan and Tynan are working on seating plans and ticket offers, with a handsome discount

to create goodwill. However respectful of fans views. !

Ray: You are taking away a way of life, young and old will miss out. You don't care and

all we get is the same old story. You said negotiations finished last February - but Jacqui

Isaacs said they were willing to talk. So what’s happened? !

Tim: negotiations stopped in Feb and admin order received. So what could we do. !

Steve brown handed letter to Tim, also to go to ACL, requesting both parties to talk. !

Andy: Can Northampton deal be broken?

Tim: Yes but there are serious financial ramifications !

Tim: FL rules say we can only come out of admin through CVA or liquidation !

Steve - you've taken away so much from us. !

Tim: it's a somber time; we've had to change the business around. I understand the pain.

But we had to fulfill fixtures and we’ve had to restructure as a result. !

Tim: Original aim was to buy the club, get promoted and then rent wouldn’t be an issue

because we’d have Premier League money coming in. So – in 2012 SISU and the council

came to an agreement whereby SISU would buy half the Higgs share and the council and

SISU would split the debt. In simple terms this means they both take on £7m of debt,

and both own half of ACL. But the council then decided they would take on all the debt

(£14m bailout) and the deal never happened. Fast forward to Feb 2013 and ACL say they

will no longer negotiate. In March ACL forced the admin issue and the rest we know. !

Since then, ACL won't enter negotiations about playing at the Ricoh and the relationship

is now so bad, and there are so many legal implications that they can't talk. !

Steve: what’s happened to the survey? Did the football league stop you publishing? !

Tim: Dan is publishing the survey tomorrow. The football league said that they shouldn't

publish anything sensitive to the negotiations, so as a result Tim decided to hold back

the whole survey until after the ground share was sorted. !


Jan: peoples problem here is not so much the new stadium, but taking us to

Northampton in the interim !

Tynan: If there was another ground in Cov they'd have done a deal to play there, they

looked at Nuneaton but it wasn't big enough. They had to do a deal with someone and it

was Northampton !

Steve: Will you speak to ACL? Because if you answer the question in the letter and say

you will, and ACL say they won’t then the fans can at least see you (Tim/SISU) are

willing to talk. !

Tim: We can’t talk before the 22nd July and the CVA meeting. ACL can either accept the

CVA or reject it. If they accept then we move on. If they reject its liquidation and we

will have a sporting penalty (points deduction). ACL would get nothing if they reject and

given they forced Administration to ensure the club avoided liquidation it would be

strange if they chose that option. !

Andy: What are the new stadium plans? !

Tim: they have 3 sites and are close on 2, plus another one which may be an option.

They've submitted financial plans and proof of funds, etch to the FL. It will be modular

which means it'll start with 18k (ish). They'll consult fans when it comes to the actual

design, etc. They have a meeting with Architects and Highways People on Friday. They

can't really give a timeline till a site is finalised. !

Steve: as said before, the biggest issue here is the interim period where you want to

take us out of Coventry. You’ll lose fans to other clubs, other sports, etc. !

Dan: We have a major challenge in attracting fans to Northampton. We know that. !

Tim: Biggest challenge is the meeting on the 22nd. Let’s get through that then go from

there. !

Kevin: Update on the academy? !

Adam: There will be news on the academy in the next few days but it is secure. !

Ray: Will you recognise PSL holders? !

Tim: Yes. Same with those with Bricks. !

Andy: Any news on tickets both home and away? !

Dan: Hopefully by the end of the week. !

Date of next meeting is 13th August (pending potential Cup game on that date).

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