Meeting held 20 June 2018




Bruce Walker,( in the Chair), Dave Eyles, Frank Smith, Roger Ellis, Rachael Brown, Andy Fletcher




CJ Joiner, Moz Baker




The minutes of the board meeting on 21 May 2018 were agreed.


Trust Finances


The Fighting Fund stood at £2406 and Members’ funds at £2739.


Trust Accounts


The Board considered the finalised accounts for 2017/18 and the Independent Examiner’s report.  It was agreed to submit the accounts to the AGM for approval.


Membership Fees


The Board agreed to the draft questionnaire with a few amendments. The Board agreed that it will recommend to the members that we keep the fee for new members at £1 and continue not to require a fee for renewals but to invite renewing members to make a donation if they wish. The decision will be taken by the AGM on 16 July.




Rogeragreed to contact again Gary for an update.


Open Meetings


Moz had emailed Board members with an update on arrangements for open meetings involving the Team Manager and players, during the forthcoming season.


Supporters Direct/FSF


Rogerreported that a Trust Board member would need to attend the FSF/SD AGMs on 28 July.  Several Board members expressed interest.  Anyone attending will need to register with both Sd and FSF - details had been circulated by email.  The Trust considered the proposals regarding a new organisation bringing SD and FSF together and agreed to recommend the AGM to support the proposal.







It was agreed to hold the AGM at the Albany Club. Only two nominations had been received for the vacant places on the Trust Board. The Board thanked Frank for his commitment during his period on the Board and conveyed their very best wishes to him.




It was agreed to report the outcome of the survey to the AGM and seek a decision from that meeting.


PR and Press


Andyagreed to deal with the issues arising from the Club’s curtailment of the pre-season trip to Spain.


Trust Stance


No change.


Next Meeting


Monday 16 July 2018 at the Albany Club - 5.30pm

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