Meeting held 21 May 2018




Moz Baker (Chair), Dave Eyles, Frank Smith, Roger Ellis, Rachael Brown, Bruce Walker, Andy Fletcher




CJ Joiner




The minutes of the board meeting on 16 April 2018 were agreed.


Trust Finances


Rachael reported that the accounts were almost complete. There was one outstanding invoice. The Fighting Fund stood at £2388.96 and Members’ funds at £2308.


Membership Fees


The Board agreed to consult members on options for future fees at the AGM in July. Roger will draft some short questions. The Board agreed that it will recommend that we keep the fee for new members at £1 and continue not to require a fee for renewals but to invite renewing members to make a donation if they wish.




Rogeragreed to contact Gary for an update after the Playoff final.


Open Meetings


It was also agreed to hold an open meeting on the same night as the AGM and that representatives of the Consortium should be invited to attend.


Moz will also try to arrange for Mark Robins to attend a meeting in August/September, perhaps with some players


Supporter engagement


It was noted that there was still no constitution for the new group and no agreement on future chairing.


Earlsdon Festival


It was noted that the Festival had been very successful with a good volume of merchandise sold.



Supporters Direct


Rogerhad chased SD over the Skins room hire charge. He reported that a Trust Board member would need to attend the FSF/SD AGMs on 28 July.  Volunteers please.







It was agreed to hold the AGM at the Albany Club.  The notice about the election would appear on the website on 22 May.


FA Reform


Roger reported on recent discussions with FSF and SD.




It was agreed to report the outcome of the survey to the AGM and seek a decision from that meeting.




Frank agreed to prepare some notices for the concourses, advising fans (away fans in particular) how to get from the Ricoh to Coventry Station.




It was agreed to publish press releases before and after the final.


Trust Stance


No change.


Next Meeting


Monday 18 June 2018 at the Old Windmill - 5.30pm

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