Meeting held on 14th March 2018 at the Ricoh Arena


Moz Baker (Chair), Dave Eyles, Frank Smith, CJ Joiner, Rachael Brown, Bruce Walker, Andy Fletcher (from Item 13 –‘Open Meetings’))


Roger Ellis


The Minutes of the Board Meeting of 19th February were approved

Matters Arising

These to be covered under other Agenda Items

Evenings Open Meeting Arrangements

Forty five people had registered for that night’s Open Meeting with Dave Boddy

Countdown to Homelessness

In the light of the agreement between CCFC and Wasps/ACL, it was agreed that the letter writing campaign would cease forthwith and that the Homeless Countdown indicator be removed from the website. Board Members might wish to try and find out informally more details about the agreement.

Fighting the Jimmy Hill Way

In the absence of JHW reps, this item was held over

Discussions with Consortium

None planned at present. There was support for the idea of a meeting in the future between members of the Consortium and the Board, given that a number of Board Members did not know and had not met the Consortium.

Contingency Planning

There have been no further sub-group meetings. It was suggested that there was a case for a Finance sub-group meeting at some point to examine the pricing of the shares that might be offered to supporters in order to encourage groups of supporters (as well as individuals) to buy shares.


Rachael reported that the Fighting Fund stood at £1996.84 and that our membership stood at 2726 members. Rachael asked Bruceto find out the membership total as at 1stJanuary 2018 for the Accounts.

New Supporters’ Consultative Group

Moz reported that there was no further news on this nor on whether more supporters’ groups had been invited or attracted to the proposed group. He commented that the Minutes of the meeting re: the new SCG were very brief and simply amounted to a list of points discussed.


Frank reported that from December 2019 the two carriage train services now running on Saturdays would be extended to weekday services. There was a discussion of the complete absence of any dedicated or augmented public bus services to the Ricoh for CCFC matches and the apparent total lack of interest on the part of CCFC or National Express in arranging such additional services.

Promotional Video

Moz had asked the producers to add more to the video from (mainly) existing sources about what the Club means to fans and Coventry people generally. He said that the producers were now too busy to do anything with it but at least the Trust had not been charged for it. It was suggested that the video could still be used as part of any presentation to potential investors in the future. 

Open Meetings in Future

Frank stated that Chris O’Neil (Safety and Stewarding) had agreed to come to the next Board Meeting. This was warmly welcomed. CJsuggested a future Open Meeting with Chris and Police representatives. It was agreed that CJwould approach Sean Cockerton (Police) to discuss this possibility.CJalso suggested an Open Meeting event around the World Cup with former international City players as guests. He agreed to approach the Former Players’ Association to discuss this.

Earlsdon Festival

There was discussion of what should be on sale at our proposed stall at this event. Mozhad checked on the prices of tote and draw string bags, and hats/caps. It was known that Steve Brown had the plastic pigs which would sell well. Discussion of existing and new (‘Always Sky Blue’) t-shirts led Andy and CJ to agree to approach Steve with a view to taking stock of what he had in his container which might affect all of these decisions.


Nothing to report as the new agreement re: the ground had reduced the immediacy of the ground (re)location issues.

Safety Advisory Group

Nothing to report

PR and Press

There was general agreement that the coverage of the ‘Fans’ Day Out’ to Brighton was very good and that some or all of this could go ‘permanently’ on the website.

Supporters Direct

There was discussion of the papers which Roger had circulated on the possible merger of the Football Supporters’ Federation and Supporters Direct. In particular, there was concern that the two organisations had some overlapping objectives but also had their own distinct objectives and approaches. While the overall aim of merging the two organisations was laudable, the practice of doing so was more debatable and more information was needed before the Trust could agree to oppose or support the proposal.

Fansbet Proposal

There was discussion of the principles and specifics of the Trust implicitly endorsing any product or service. In the case of Fansbet, it was agreed that they would be invited along to a future Board Meeting. Fansbet had already expressed their willingness to attend such a meeting.

Trust Stance

No change

Any Other Business

Bruceand Dave told the Board that the new database and membership system would be launched after Easter, preceded by a website announcement and followed by an e-mail to all members with valid e-mail addresses asking them to update their details as necessary. This would be followed mobile phone texts and landline calls (where necessary) to those members without valid e-mail addresses.

Date of Next Meeting

Monday 16th April at 5.30 p.m. at the Old Windmill, Spon Street



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