Meeting held 15 January 2018




Moz Baker (Chair), Bruce Walker, Dave Eyles, Frank Smith, CJ Joiner, Roger Ellis.




Rachael Brown,  Andy Fletcher




The minutes of the board meeting on 18 December were agreed.


Website & Membership


Bruce summarised proposals for an email to all members.


Roger will check the constitution on the rules for decisions on and accounting for membership fees.


The Board agreed to an approach whereby all memberships will be renewed to 1 June 2019 and a report will be prepared for the AGM in 2018 on the future of membership fees.


Countdown to Homelessness campaign.


It was noted that Bruce is arranging a meeting with Jim Cunningham MP, following his positive response to a letter before Christmas.


The next letter will go to the MPs for seats surrounding Coventry, after the Swindon game.


Trust Finances


Rachael reported no change since the last meeting. Roger reported that he had passed the invoice for the Skins event to SD.




Frank said he was writing to Cllr Welch seeking a meeting and would be raising at the forthcoming Safety Advisory Group meeting concerns about the lack of satisfactory transport plans for the Stoke game.




Roger will press them for a meeting.  Roger will also contact SD to follow-up on previous proposals for a telephone conference


Members’ survey


It was agreed that the group formed to deal with this will finalise the survey in the light of feedback received.


Open Meetings


CJ reported on various options for meetings, which it was agreed he would progress. The plan is for Richard Stephens to attend on 19 February along with one or two players




Moz will discuss the need for more work on this.


Supporter engagement


It was agreed that Moz would attend the forthcoming meeting as proposed by David Boddy. The Trust’s main concerns are that only bona fide supporters’ groups should be involved; that the new group needs a chair broadly acceptable to all members of the group and not from the Club and a proper constitution complying with the EFL’s guidelines.


Safety Advisory Group


Frank will obtain actual attendance numbers for the season at the forthcoming meeting. It was also agreed that Frank will join Moz at the proposed meeting to discuss the incident from the Chesterfield game.




CJ referred to a number of difficulties with ticket sales - notably for disabled supporters. It was agreed that Moz would raise these with David Boddy.


Trust Stance


No change.


Next Meeting


Monday, 19 February 2018 at the Albany Club - 5.30pm

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