Meeting held 18 December 2017




Moz Baker (Chair), Rachael Brown, Bruce Walker, Dave Eyles, Frank Smith, CJ Joiner, Roger Ellis.




Andy Fletcher




The minutes of the board meeting on 23 November were agreed. MB thanked Frank  for getting the minutes out from that meeting.


Website & Membership


Bruce reported on progress.  The plan is to launch the new system in the New Year, following a trial with Board members.


Countdown to Homelessness campaign.


Roger reported on the recent response from Dave Boddy. The next letter will go to the three Coventry MPs.


Trust Finances


Rachael announced that the Fighting Fund was£1893.24pand  Membership funds stood at £2,703.


She asked that we contact Skins over the bill for the meeting at BPA.  Roger agreed to contact SD about that.




Franksaid he was contacting the new Rail co’s PR person and would be checking transport plans for the Stoke game.




The Board discussed feedback from the 10 years of SISU events.




We need to get together with them in the New Year and progress an open meeting.





Members’ survey


It was agreed to progress this in the New Year when there are 10 or fewer home games remaining.


Open Meetings


In addition to the Consortium proposal, CJ agreed to contact Richard Stephens about attending a meeting.




Mozhas received the first version and will share it with the Board.


City of Culture


It was agreed that the Trust should seek an active role in this.  Moz agreed to lead on it, to set up a meeting with the organisers.Roger agreed to contact the Hull City Trust to see whether they had been involved in Hull’s year.




Mozagreed to contact ACL about the recent incident involving a steward.


Trust Stance


No change.


Next Meeting


Monday, 15 January 2018 at Old Windmill - 5.30pm













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