In Attendance: Moz Baker (Chair), Rachael Brown, Bruce Walker, Andy Fletcher, Dave Eyles, Frank Smith, CJ Joiner, Steve Brown.


Apologies: Roger Ellis.


The minutes of the previous board meeting were agreed. MB thanked CJ for getting the  minutes out from that meeting.


1. Website & Membership


BW stated that the membership database is being updated by DE and being preparing  for uploading to Membership Pro. The upload should be completed by the first week in December. Once upload is complete we'll be ready to launch & couple that with a direct mailshot to members which will contain their key details and a request for any update of those key details. The key details to update as necessary are name, address & e-mail address. If these details are not correct members will  asked to contact the Trust with any changes. The initial mailshot to members will be preceded by a notice to all members on the Trust website explaining the process.


Those members for whom we have no e-mail address but for whom we have a mobile number or a postal address will be contacted early in the New Year. CJ (contact by text) and SB (postal contact) offered to help with this part of the process. The Board agreed this process.



DE has gone through the membership database to tie things in with Acmail. He also has also signed up  30 new Trust members from the Albany Club for which the Board congratulated him.

100+ supporters had signed up for and are expected for the Mark Robins meeting and we have a list of these supporters.




2. Countdown to Homelessness campaign.


We sent out the latest one to Dave Boddy at CCFC before the Mansfield home game. So far, we've received no reply. He may make an announcement before Christmas. The next one, featuring 13 games to go, will go out before the Crawley home



3. Trust Finances


RB announced that

the Fighting Fund outgoings? were £1891.44p.

Cost of Room Hire at BPA for The Supporters Direct Meeting was £ 276

Supporters Direct Membership cost the Trust £100.

Membership subs stood at £2,713.


4 Transport


The new train company franchise affecting Coventry area services commences in December 2017. FS to contact the new rail company to find out who the relevant pr manager is to contact re the train service to and from Coventry Arena. They claim they will provide a 3 train per hour service to and from Coventry Arena from 2019 when the new bay platform is due to come into operation in 2019.


5 Supporters Direct


Accreditation standards required by SD are being dealt with by RE. It was noted that SD are practising what they preach – in contrast with the EFL. Our Trust would be ok under the SD standards. Their requirements will not be onerous for us to comply with but may be for many other Trusts. There were mixed views as to the value of the SD accreditation process.


6 Trust Stance


No change.




The Trust board all agreed that the Albany Club's large meeting area refurbishment looked like money well spent.


DE raised the issue of the Trust having a presence at the Earlsdon Festival . We need to have a presence, e.g. via people doing stints at a stand, wearing Trust t-shirts etc.


Next Meeting


 Monday, December 18th at Old Windmill 5.30pm














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