Monday 16th October 2017




Moz Baker, Bruce Walker, Frank Smith, Cj Joiner, Andy Fletcher,



Rachael Brown, Dave Eyles, Roger Ellis,




The minutes of the meeting on Monday 18 September were approved as a correct record.


Trust website and membership renewal


Bruce put forward a paper penned by him and Dave. Dave has found a new relatively cheap membership database system that will do everything we need it to including automatically sending emails to new members. This is tried and tested software and has been used by some organisations with 100,000 members.


The new 2018 Data Protection regulations were discussed. It was agreed we would place a notice on the website and to contact Supporters Direct for further advice.


Open meeting with Mark Robins


This will take place on Thursday 23rd November at the Albany Club. Moz will place the event on Eventbite and start advertising.


Countdown to homelessness - latest position


Joy Seppala hasn’t replied to the email but Wasps have done. An email to Coventry City Council will be sent after the Forest Green game.


Fighting the Jimmy Hill Way


The Board were updated on recent initiatives by the campaign group.


Discussions with consortium


There will be a meeting with a small number of Trust members on 10th November.




Rachael sent in figures in her absence. The Fighting Fund stood at £1887.85 and Members’ funds at £2690. The expenditure was due to room hire and the annual membership fee payable to Supporters Direct.


Supporters Consultative Group


Cj will continue to contact relevant groups and report back.



Bruce reported that on December 10th the new franchisees with begin to operate the lines across the rail network.


Proposed promotional video


Moz reported that the first draft will be ready to view on Wednesday 18th October.


Press and PR


Andy will continue with the countdown to homelessness


Trust Stance


It was agreed that no change is required.




Cj proposed contacting various bloggers and editors of CCFC fan sites to see if we could repost some articles or sections of them followed by a link to the original article on the Trust site.


In his absence Roger has suggested we need to start planning the upcoming meetings in 2018.


Next meeting


Thursday 23rd November 2017 at 5.30pm.

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