Monday 18 September 2017




Moz Baker, Bruce Walker, Frank Smith, Roger Ellis, Andy Fletcher, Dave Eyles




Rachael Brown, CJ Joiner,




The minutes of the meeting on 21 August 2017 were approved as a correct record.


Open Meetings


Dave Boddy had agreed to arrange for Mark Robins to attend an open meeting and to attend one himself later in the year. Moz is chasing this.


Fighting the Jimmy Hill Way


The Board were updated on recent initiatives by the campaign group.




Moz continues to press for progress. Filming is still being carried out.




Dave nreported on a proposal to link the site to Membership details, at a cost of £50.  It was agreed that Dave should proceed on that basis. It was also noted that the Trust needs to pay £65 per annum for the website hosting.


Press and PR


It was agreed that a “Countdown to Homelessness’ campaign be carried out. Roger will write to a different individual/organisation after each home game - Seppala first then Wasps, City Council, etc. Moz and Andy would deal with publicity.




The Board were updated on forthcoming discussions with the GH etc consortium.


Supporters Direct


Roger updated the Board on some current discussions within Supporters Direct. He also asked the Board to approve the renewal of Trust membership, at a cost of £100, which was agreed.


Dhillons Brewery


It was agreed to support the proposed initiative before home games


Trust Stance


It was agreed that no change is required.


Next meeting


Monday 16 October 2017 at 5.30pm.

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