22 Trust members


Moz welcomed everyone to the meeting.  In doing so, he referred-to the sad death of Jim Twyneham. It was agreed to hold a collection at the end of the AGM towards a donation to the charity nominated by Jim’s family.

Moz also referred to the election of Roger Ellis, Trust Secretary, to the England and Wales Football Council of Supporters’ Direct.


The minutes of the AGM held on 18 July 2016 were agreed as a correct record.


The meeting considered the accounts for the financial year ended 31 January 2017 along with a report by the Independent Examiner on those accounts.

It was unanimously agreed that:

  1. the accounts for the the financial years ended 31 January 2017, and

  2. surpluses be carried forward to future years

Election to Trust Board

The meeting considered a report by the Trust Secretary on the election of members to the Trust Board.

It was unanimously agreed that Moz Baker, Dave Eyles, Andrew Fletcher and CJ Joiner be elected to the Board for the next two years.

Open Forum

The meeting discussed the future ownership of the Club, in the light of the recent Judicial Review decision and the formation of the consortium led by Gary Hoffman.  The future scope for protest by fans’ groups was also discussed

The meeting ended at 8:50pm

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