Moz Baker,Roger Ellis, CJ Joiner, Bruce Walker, Frank Smith, Jan Mokrzycki, Rachael Brown


The minutes of the meeting on 23 January 2017 were approved as a correct record.

Promotional Video

Moz reported on progress.  The Board agreed that the video needs to cover the trip to Wembley and the outcome of the current League season.

Fighting the Jimmy Hill Way

The Board were updated on recent initiatives by the campaign group.


CJ reported that he had emailed the Supporters’ Liaison Officer, asking about progress with a replacement for the SCG.  The SLO, Mark, has said he will “get back to” CJ.

Open Meeting

The Board agreed proposals for an open meeting on 20 March featuring Tim Fisher as guest speaker.Representatives of the Albany Club joined the meeting to discuss arrangements.  The Board agreed that

  1. The Trust will provide security - Steve Brown to deal with this;
  2. The meeting will be open to Trust members only;
  3. Eventbrite will be used to register people wishing to attend;
  4. The maximum number attending will be 150;
  5. Moz will contact Tim Fisher.


It was agreed that Roger will write to JS seeking a meeting. He reported that a West Midlands firm of solicitors had agreed to carry out some  legal work for the Trust, initially on a pro bono basis. Roger will report back to the work if the basis for that work has to change.


The Board noted progress with the survey and agreed to issue a reminder email.


Rachael reported that the Fighting Fund stood at £2668.65 and Members’ funds at £3965. It was agreed to refund CJ for the paper purchase.


It was agreed that Roger  would contact all the relevant organisations to seek meetings as background preparation for a possible supporter-led purchase.

Trade Unions

It was agreed that Frank  would follow-up the meeting with Unite to ask them to publicise the survey to their members and make similar approaches to other local Trade Unions.


In the light of recent events it was agreed that Frank would speak to Chris O’Neill and Jan would contact Wasps.

Trust Stance 

It was agreed that no change is required.

Next meeting

Monday 20 March 2017, at 5.00pm.

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