Steve Brown,Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, Rachael Brown, Moz Baker, CJ Joiner, Bruce Walker, Jan Mokrzycki.






The minutes of the meeting on 19 September 2016 were approved as a correct record.


Chair and Vice-Chair

Following Steve’s decision to step down as Chair, it was agreed unanimously that Moz Baker be appointed as Chair and Bruce Walker be appointed as Vice Chair.  The Board agreed to place on record its thanks for Steve’s fine service as Chair through a very difficult period.


Promotional Video

It was agreed that Moz would take the lead on this.



Rachael provided an update.  Since the last meeting income of £3 had been received.  Members’ capital stood at £3963 and reserves at £2658.80.


Safety Advisory Group

Frank will be attending their next meeting.


Membership renewal

Rachael and Bruce will search for cheap, simple alternatives to the In Touch system



The Board shared concerns about the way the SCG operates. It was agreed that Roger amend his paper for consideration at a future meeting.


Transport to the Ricoh Arena

Bruce will draft for comment by Frank and Roger a response to the FOI result.


Open Meeting

It was agreed to invite Supporters Direct to send a representative to a future meeting. Another possible speaker was discussed.



It was agreed that Roger would make representations to Rugby Borough Council and write to Sport England on the basis discussed at the meeting.


Trust Stance 

It was agreed that no change is required.


Next meeting

Monday 21 November 2016, at 7.30pm.

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