Steve Brown, Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, Rachael Brown, CJ Joiner, Bruce Walker, Jan Mokrzycki.


Moz Baker


The minutes of the meeting on 18 July 2016 were approved as a correct record.


Steve gave an update on recent discussions.  It was agreed that Jan & Bruce will pull together the specification and then discuss it with all parties.  It was also agreed that Jan will produce a background factual summary for Trust members.


Rachael provided an update.  The expenditure since the May meeting was £41.99 for website hosting. Income of £28.80 had been received.  Members’ capital stood at £3960 and reserves at £2796.10.

Safety Advisory Group

No progress reported. The Board agreed that Roger would send an FOI request to the City Council.


The issue about confidentiality had arisen following the last SCG meeting. Jan had received a positive email from Mark Venus.

Transport to the Ricoh Arena

Bruce and Frank gave an update. It was agreed that Roger would send an FOI request to the City Council about compliance with the section 106 agreement for the Arena and the Green Travel Plan. Bruce & Frank were shortly to attend a meeting at Coventry Station, to discuss means of giving directions to the Arena by public transport.

Open Meeting

It was agreed that Moz would continue to try to arrange for Tony Mowbray to address an open meeting.

Trust Stance 

It was agreed that no change is required.

Board responsibilities

It was agreed to appoint Moz  as Vice Chair. Jan and Moz will take responsibility for PR.


It was agreed to raise supporters’ concerns about ticketing at the next SCG. CJ will prepare a note summarising the problems for use at the SCG.

EFL Trophy

It was agreed to consult Trust members about a stance on this. Bruce and CJ will prepare a piece for the website and a survey on supporters’ intentions on attending Trophy matches. CJ will contact the Wycombe, Northampton and West Ham Trusts

Match day experience

It was agreed to consult members about ideas for improving the match day experience.

It was also agreed that Steve would pursue the blue flags idea, initially as a trial with the JSBs.

Next meeting

Monday 19 September 2016, at 7.30pm.

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