Steve Brown, Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, Moz Baker, Rachael Brown, CJ Joiner, Bruce Walker, John Fletcher




The minutes of the meeting on 16 May 2016 were approved as a correct record.


Steve gave an update on recent discussions.  It was agreed that the Trust will try to bring all parties together in positive discussions about the Academy, starting by seeking to reach agreement on the facilities required. Jan and Bruce are asked to lead on this.


Rachael provided an update.  There had been no expenditure since the May meeting. Donations and raffle proceeds totalling £153.09 had been received.  Members’ capital stood at £3683 and Reserves at £3099.09.

Safety Advisory Group

No progress reported. John agreed to forward the emails about SAG membership to Roger.


There had been no SCG meeting since the last Board meeting.

Transport to the Ricoh Arena

Bruce and Frank gave an update. There will be trials of trains stopping at the Arena serving three, as yet unidentified, CCFC games during the coming season. CCFC are said to be in discussions with a bus company. The Board will consider pursuing CCC over compliance with the “Green Travel Plan” for the Arena. We will also try to provide an A board at Coventry Station, giving directions to the Arena by public transport.

Open Meeting

It was agreed that Moz would continue to try to arrange for Tony Mowbray to address an open meeting before the start of the 2016/17 season.

Trust Stance 

It was agreed that no change is required. We need to ensure that there is a clear distinction between the Trust and the SCG.


It was agreed that we would ask Jan to take on responsibility for PR and Press liaison after the AGM.

John Fletcher

The Board also thanked John for his long, devoted service to the Trust.  It was agreed that he would continue to operate the Trust website.

Next meeting

Monday 15 August 2016, at 7.30pm.

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