John Fletcher (JF), Frank Smith (FS), Rachael Brown (RB), Bruce Walker (BW),

Steve Brown (SB).


Roger Ellis (RE), Moz Baker (MB), CJ Joiner (CJ)

Minutes of the last meeting – Matters Arising.


The board members present accepted our financial advisor's updating of the accounts as a true representation of the Trust''s financial position. 

Forthcoming AGM

The board members present  accepted the Secretary's Board Election Timetable

The board members present. discussed how the AGM should be structured. Although the preference was to discuss and approve all sets of accounts immediately before the AGM started and have just one AGM meeting, it was decided that because of the complexity of the accounts, the need for transparency and to comply with the accepted formalities it might be better to hold three very short, formally separate accounts meetings on the night before dealing with the rest of the AGM issues.  RE's advice to be sought. 

It was stressed that it is important that the AGM does not turn out to be inquorate.

The board must ensure that all members are e-mailed and the nomination forms are made available by May 23rd 2016.

The Secretary's e-mailed election timetable will be adhered to and the Chair of the Trust board will ensure that the postal forms are sent out on time.

Supporters' Consultation Group

Joy Seppala phoned  Steve Brown  to invite him to take part in a tele-phone-in with Chris Anderson. Apparently, there will be a slight? rise in season ticket prices next 

season and purchases will be carried out via Ticketmaster. Early bird and finaced ticket deals will see a reduction I price.

As SBT Chair, SB will write to CCFC with any concerns about ticket prices once the new prices have been announced

Subjects/questions  for the next SCG should be put on the Trust's

FS and BW will be giving a presentation on transport to and from the Arena at the next SCG meeting. This will be put on the Trust's website.

There will be a review of the 2015-6 season at the end of the season.


BW raised the issue of misleading information concerning the Millwall home game.

Riot police were deployed on match day. They had a particularly heavy presence at Coventry railway station. BW e-mailed the CCFC ticket office with his concerns about tickets being on sale on the day of the match and the possibility of Millwall fans gaining admission to the home fans' areas. 

CCFC then announced via the Coventry Evening Telegraph that there would be no ticket sales on the day of the match.

However, on the day of the match there were open cash turnstiles.

The issue of the use of trains from the Arena station to Coventry and Nuneaton was raised. For some time the authorities have maintained that the Arena station could not be used for 1 hour after the end of matches (both CCFC and Wasps RFC.) Therefore the 17.28 to Coventry and the 17.50 to Nuneaton would not stop at the Arena for afternoon CCFC matches kicking off at 15.00  Whether or not they would stop for fans attending Wasps RFC matches would depend on the finish time of the matches.

However, there was a rumour that the 17.28 train would stop at the Arena after the Wasps last home game of season against London Irish. FS volunteered to observe whether or not the trains actually ran after the CCFC v Sheffield  United and Wasps v London Irish games.

BW e-mailed Virgin Trains re the lack of information for fans arriving at Coventry station intending to travel to the match by public transport. He has not received a reply.

SB mentioned the Wasps free shuttle buses to/from home matches. They cost Wasps around £200 for 4 journeys. The firm running them (Coach Leasing) has not been contacted  by CCFC.

JF was requested to contact Cllr John McNicholas (Cov City Council Cabinet Member for Transport) about these issues.


No developments. It's not certain there will be another meeting before next season.

Trust Stance

No change. FS has requested that we discuss the Trust's stance and principles at the next board meeting on May 16th.

Open Meeting

MB to arrange the  guest speaker


Golf Day! SB suggested we enter a Sky Blue Trust golf team in the Cov City Former Players Association's golf tournament at the Soneleigh Deer Park Golf Club. Entry fee £200 per team. JF to e-mail Trust members.

FS to book the Trust's AGM at the Royal Warwicks Club Tower St., Coventry.

Suggested date: Monday July 18th.

Next Board Meeting

Monday, May 16th 2016 at the old Windmill, Spon St, Coventry at 7.30pm

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