Monday 21 March 2016




Steve Brown,Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, Moz Baker, John Fletcher, Rachael Brown, CJ Joiner,




Bruce Walker,




The minutes of the meeting on 22 February 2016 were approved as a correct record.




The Board discussed an update on the steps being taken to clarify the outstanding issues on the accounts. Rachael had provided David with most of the information required to finalise the 2015/16 accounts.


Trust Stance


It was agreed that no change is required.




John will be away for the next three weeks or so. Moz will take over the PR work during that period.


Safety Advisory Group


John reported that we are waiting for the next meeting of the SAG to confirm that the Trust may join, for CCFC matters.




It was noted that Steve had raised concerns about stewarding with the chief steward, to little effect. He will now raise the issue at a more senior level in the Club.


Transport to the Ricoh Arena


Bruce will give a presentation on Transport to the SCG. In addition, Frank will contact the football fans’ guide to away grounds, to help improve the quality of information for fans, both in terms of train and bus transport, but also pubs in Coventry which are good value and/or serve real ale. I will be contacting the relevant pub landlords first, since some might not want significant numbers of away fans mixing with their regulars.  Also Frank said he  could meet, greet and advise fans at the railway station on how to get to the ground, city centre etc as quickly and easily as possible, provided he was available.




Open Meeting


Moz reported that Tony Mowbray had been invited to speak at an Open Meeting on a date to be agreed in March. No progress had been made since then.  In the mean time, Moz will attempt to arrange for two or three former players to attend an open meeting in April.




Roger reported that the next AGM should take place in July. He will bring a draft timetable to the next meeting. Rachael, John, Frank and Bruce will have to stand for re-election and there is an additional vacancy.


Northampton Town FC


Steve reported that the NTFC Trust had offered to return £1000 of the funds collected by the Sky Blue Trust to assist them in dealing with their recent problems, which had now been resolved. It was agreed to make two donations of the money returned to charities: the Alzheimers Society and Zoe’s Place. Moz will arrange for publicity.


Next meeting


Monday 18 April 2016, at 7.30pm.

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