Steve Brown, Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, Bruce Walker, Moz Baker, Rachael Brown, CJ Joiner,


Andy Turbitt, John Fletcher,


The minutes of the meeting on 14 December 2015 were approved as a correct record.


The Board discussed an update on the steps being taken to clarify the outstanding issues on the accounts.

Trust Stance 

Agreed that no change is needed at present.


It was agreed that John will produce a newsletter before the end of January

Safety Advisory Group

John had agreed to contact a City Councillor to try to make progress. No progress to report.


It was noted that Steve had been asked to stand as Vice-Chair. The Board supported this.

It was also agreed to raise at the SCG the proposal to name something at the Arena - a stand, a room? - after Jimmy Hill.

Memorial Garden

The Board discussed the poor condition of the garden.  It was agreed to support moves to improve the condition. As a first step, it was necessary to clarify whose responsibility it is and to ask them to take action. Rachael agreed to speak to Lionel Bird about that.

Transport to the Ricoh Arena

The Board considered Bruce’s note.  It was agreed that we should:

  • Be represented at the 3 February meeting at Coventry Railway Station

  • Contact the bus operators, Passenger Transport Authorities and ACL/CCFC about the matter

  • Publish a note about the position in the forthcoming newsletter. Board members were asked to provide any suggested wording changes to Bruce’s note (see below)

Court Case

The Board considered Bruce’s draft note on the forthcoming case in the Court of Appeal. It was agreed to publish a version of this in the forthcoming newsletter.

In advance of that, it was agreed to share drafts of that note, and the one about Transport, with Chris Anderson, to give him the opportunity to comment on their factual accuracy.  It was agreed that suggested amendments be provided by Board members so that Roger could send drafts to Chris.

Open Meeting

It was agreed that Chris Anderson will speak at an Open Meeting on a date to be agreed in February.  Moz to organise.

Next meeting

Monday 15 February 2015, at 7.30pm.

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