Frank Smith, CJ Joiner, Rachael Brown, Steve Brown, Bruce Walker,


Andy Turbitt, John Fletcher, Moz Baker, Roger Ellis,


John to report on the Safety Advisory Group at a later date.


Membership account: £2835.20

Fighting fund: £3139

Recent outgoings: Godiva Festival pitch fee - £100. Database work - £195


Renewal of Trust Membership

Bruce reported that new database software is being sourced. Civic RM is a possible candidate. We would need to pay a fee but they are a not for profit organisation.


Cannot issue a report as the meeting minutes are yet to be issued. We will investigate the issues that have been brought to our attention regarding transport and the safety at the Southend home game & report it at the next meeting.


Nothing to report as John isn’t present. CJ to contact John for an update.

Trust Stance

No change

Action plan

Nothing to report

PR strategy

It was agreed to ask questions regarding transport to and from home games.

Open meetings

Awaiting news on a guest. Possibly have an end of year/Christmas event.



Next meeting

Monday 19th October 2015, at 7.30pm.

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