John Fletcher, Moz Baker, Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, CJ Joiner,


Andy Turbitt, Rachael Brown, Steve Brown, Bruce Walker,


The minutes of the meeting on 20 July 2015 were approved as a correct record.


Rachael had sent apologies.  It was agreed that Board members would support Rachael in pursuing completion of the audit.

Renewal of Trust Membership

The Board agreed to support proposals circulated by Bruce. 

Trust Stance 

Agreed that no change is needed at present. We will wait to see how the Club management develops as the new season progresses.

Open Meetings

It was agreed to invite Mowbray to speak at a meeting, on a date convenient for him. CJ to deal with this. If he isn’t available for 7 September it was agreed to hold an open discussion meeting.


It was noted that the AGM cannot take place until the accounts are available and then a clear 14 days notice will be required.  It was agreed to invite Dave Mapp to speak at the end of the formal business - Moz will deal with that.


John circulated the results of the survey. It was agreed that he will draft a summary of the main points, for publication.

PR strategy

It was agreed that Moz will issue a release as soon as possible urging supporters to get behind the team.  We will also seek to publish statements after each game.

It was also agreed to issue two statements, in successive weeks, asking members/supporters to let us know of any problems with ticketing and queues.

Safety Advisory Group

It was agreed that John will try to find out who convenes and organises the local Safety Advisory Group.


Roger reported on progress and the Board agreed an outline approach when all replies are in.

Next meeting

Monday 21 September 2015, at 7.30pm.

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