Rachael Brown, Steve Brown, Moz Baker, Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, Bruce Walker,


John Fletcher, Andy Turbitt, CJ Joiner,


The minutes of the meeting on 25 May 2015 were approved as a correct record.


Rachael reported that just one invoice was still required to complete the audit of the accounts for 2013/14. Steve agreed to locate that

Balances - Fighting fund  £2538.29 Membership £2818.20

Renewal of Trust Membership

Bruce circulated a note on progress with the In Touch system. It was agreed that the would commission the improvements at the price quoted. 

It was agreed that for everyone who had joined the Trust a year or more ago, renewals would be required from 1 August 2015. Bruce agreed to obtain details of the Trust’s life members from John.

Trust Stance 

Agreed that no change is needed at present. We will wait to see how the Club management develops as the new season approaches.


Last meeting cancelled.

Open Meetings

It was agreed to invite Mowbray to the July meeting.

Action Plan

Frank reported on proposed arrangements for attending the Court Case.


Those Board members who have to seek re-election were reminded by Roger to complete the nomination forms on the website.

Next meeting

Monday 15 June 2015, at 7.30pm. It was agreed to add “PR Strategy” to the agenda for that meeting.

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