Steve Brown, Moz Baker, Frank Smith, Bruce Walker, CJ Joiner, Rachel Brown, 


Roger Ellis, Andy Turbitt


The minutes of the meeting on 16 March 2015 were approved as a correct record.

Finance and Membership

Rachel reported that she had made contact with accountant who had agreed to take on audit who advised that he was making progress. Roger had advised ahead of meeting that he was currently taking follow up action with regard to financial guidance received to ease future audit arrangements. Rachel reported that current financial position was as follows;
Membership Account     £2791.20
Fighting Fund                 £2520.37
43 New members have been registered.

Membership Renewal 2015

Bruce had circulated paper in advance outlining current position with In Touch database. Bruce advised in brief at meeting that there were a couple of key issued with database that needed resolving but with help of In touch colleagues this was in process of being sorted. Bruce, John and Rachel to discuss fine detail offline.
Supporters Consultative Group (SCG)

Steve reported that a meeting had been arranged for 23/4/15 6.15pm at Coventry University and this would largely be devoted to Finance. No agenda had been provided. Steve to request agenda ahead of meeting and also update on 5 point plan which was issued on 2/1/15 as no update has yet been received almost 4 months since Plan published.

Football Action Network (F.A.N)

CJ reported that an event had been staged in London on 18/4/15 with a manifesto for football supporter’s rights being handed in at the 3 main political party headquarters. This had been well attended. This newly formed group were being very supportive of the Coventry City situation as they recognise that along with Leeds, Blackpool and Birmingham it is one of the more serious ownership issues amongst Football League clubs. Board agreed to work closely with this group with Trust looking to support future summer events planned.

Action Plan

Frank had circulated plan update in advance of meeting. Board discussed the Appeal Court hearing on July 7th and the possibility of attendance. Further details to follow once season over.

AGM 2015 and Board Elections

Roger had drafted paper ahead of meeting outlining key issues. Board agreed to call AGM for Monday 20 July 2015. Current Board members who in accordance with constitution are required to resign and potentially seek re-election were identified and advised. Board agreed that current Election Management Group (EMG) should remain in place. Proposed timetable agreed;

Nomination forms available                                      21 May 2015
Closing date for Nominations                                   18 June 2015
Confirm number of eligible nominations                   25 June 2015
If contested election “hustings” Open Meeting         06 July 2015
Election Results Announced                                      20 July 2015

Trust Stance

Board Agreed. No change to current stance.

Open Meetings

It was agreed to stage next open meeting on 1st Monday in June (June 1st). 


CJ agreed to liaise with City Council re Trust presence at Godiva Festival (July 4th/.5th). Volunteers to assist to be sought via website. Frank to assist with movement of sports equipment. Moz to liaise with CCFC FPA re involvement of former players attending. Godiva Festival to be added as specific agenda point for May Board meeting. 

Next Meeting

Monday 18TH May 2015

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