Steve Brown, Moz Baker, Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, Bruce Walker, CJ Joiner, John Fletcher, Andy Turbitt,


Rachael Brown


The minutes of the meeting on 16 February 2015 were approved as a correct record.


Rachael had reported that she was shortly to be meeting the auditors.

Renewal of Trust Membership

Bruce said he has been dealing with correspondence with members. Bruce, Rachael and John will get together to ensure the In Touch system is working.

Trust Stance 

Agreed that no change is needed.


It was agreed that Steve would write to the SCG’s Chair to request two items on the next agenda:

To request all SCG members to disclose who they represent and how they communicate with them; and

2)  That the Club report on progress on the implementation of their five point plan.

Football Action Network

The draft manifesto has been amended, taking on board suggestions made by the Trust.

Open Meetings

April meeting - an open forum + quiz

Co-op Energy

It was agreed to proceed with this as soon as the accounts have been audited John will take the lead on this.

Action Plan

The Board reviewed action needed. John agreed to draft a gannt chart. Roger will draft a letter to CCFC regarding the need for a progress report on the 5 point plan.

Contingency Planning

It was agreed that Steve, Moz and Roger would liaise with David Johnson and his small group.

FSF/Living Wage

It was agreed to ask the Club whether they have considered paying this. It should be a future item for the SCG.

Supporters Direct

John agreed to speak to Rachael about the subscription renewal.

Next meeting

Monday 20 April 2015, at 7.30pm. Roger gave apologies for that meeting.

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