Steve Brown, Moz Baker, Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, Bruce Walker, CJ Joiner, Rachael Brown, John Fletcher


Andy Turbitt,


The minutes of the meeting on 19 January 2015 were approved as a correct record.

In Touch

John reported that this is now working.

Ricoh presence

Moz agreed to raise this with Jan.


Rachael reported that accountants have been appointed to conduct the audit, starting work on 1 March. Rachael agreed to write to the FCA updating them. The audit will be carried out on the 2014/15 accounts as soon as they have completed the 2013/14 audit.


It was agreed that Steve Brown and Maurice Baker should become signatories to the bank account Details removed from public minute and that Patricia Raybould and Robert Wheatley should be removed.

It was also agreed that the address should be changed to that of the registered address of the Sky Blue Supporters Initiative Ltd namely:

c/o Sapphire Louvres
Unit 21
Harrowbrook Road
LE10 3DJ

Renewal of Trust Membership

John is updating the membership records. An email to members has been drafted. It was agreed that Bruce would update that and that Bruce and John should get together to ensure they both can use the system. Bruce will deal with correspondence with members.

Trust Stance - Action plan

It was agreed that Roger would email suggestions to the Board as to which proposed actions should be led by the Board and would draft a letter to SISU. One item should be to try to find out precisely who owns the Club.

It was also agreed that Frank would arrange a meeting with the various volunteers from the open meeting.


It was agreed that Steve would write to the SCG’s Chair and Vice Chair in the terms already drafted.  It was also agreed to ask for a standard item on SCG agendas - “progress with five point plan.”

Discussions with Wasps

Jan is trying to arrange a meeting with Wasps

Football Action Network

The draft manifesto was circulated.  Comments to CJ by 1 March.

Open Meetings

2 March 2015 - it was agreed this should be a “social” occasion to which a number of present and former players would be invited.

April meeting - an open forum + quiz

Co-op Energy

It was agreed to invite them to meet the Board at 7pm on 16 March.

Next meeting

Monday 16 March 2015, at 7.30pm, at the Squirrel, preceded by Co-op Energy at 7pm.

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