Steve Brown, Moz Baker, Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, Bruce Walker, CJ Joiner, Rachael Brown, Andy Turbitt


John Fletcher


The minutes of the meeting on 15 December 2014 were approved as a correct record.

Renewal of Trust Membership

Rachael reported that, at present, the Trust had 2849 members

It was agreed that Rachael will deal with the renewal process, using In Touch and let the Board know if there were any problems.

Board responsibilities

Moz agreed to deal with press and PR as well as contact with ACL. Bruce will take on responsibility as membership secretary, resolving problems with In Touch jointly with Rachael, Kev, Gary and Jan.


It was agreed that Rachael would contact two or three Coventry accountants to arrange for the audit to be carried out as quickly as possible.

Trust Stance

In the light of the Club’s publication of “The Way Forward” - a five point plan for the future which totally lacks ambition - it was agreed to continue to challenge the Club’s management over its performance. However, in addition, it was agreed to consult Trust members on a new stance, offering three options:

Option 1 - that the Club’s owners be asked to dismiss the current Board of Directors

Option 2 - that the Club’s owners be asked to seek a purchaser of their interest in the Club

Option 3 - neither of the above

Roger agreed to draft the document containing the questions and John be asked to email it to members.


It was agreed to write to the SCG’s Chair and Vice Chair, jointly with the London Supporters, if they will agree to that. Roger to draft the email.

Discussions with Wasps

It was agreed that Steve would discuss with NE arrangements for regular meetings with the Trust.


Moz agreed to pick up the discussion with ACL to seek to make arrangements for a Trust “presence” inside the Ricoh.

Open Meetings

2 February 2015 - it was agreed to hold an open discussion with members about the options upon which consultation is to take place.

2 March 2015 - it was agreed this should be a “social” occasion to which a number of present and former players would be invited.

Trust website

It was agreed to ask John to update the “meet the Board” section of the site.

Next meeting

Monday 16 February 2015, at 7.30pm, at the Squirrel.

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