Steve Brown, Jan Mokrzycki, Moz Baker, Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, Bruce Walker, John Fletcher,


CJ Joiner, Rachael Brown, Andy Turbitt,


The minutes of the meeting on 13 October 2014 were approved as a correct record.

Steve agreed to speak to Rachael to check progress with the audit.

John agreed to ask SD to resend their invoice

Finance and Membership

This item could not be discussed as Rachael had sent apologies

Renewal of Trust Membership

It was agreed to ask members of the Trust to pay £1 to renew their membership on the due dates over the next year. At the same time, we will remind members of what the Trust stands for (see “Stance” below) and invite them to make a donation in addition to the £1 fee.

It was also agreed to try to develop a Trust membership card, which will give members particular benefits.  The aim is to launch that only when it is fully developed.

Trust Stance

The Board held its monthly discussion on this topic.  It was noted that our current priorities are to ensure that the team stays at the Ricoh Arena for the long-term and to secure supporter involvement in the ownership and management of the Club.

It was agreed that we should write to the Club, commenting on the fact that we have reached our lowest position in over 50 years and that, despite the welcome move back to the Ricoh Arena, many supporters are feeling disillusioned and in despair about the state of the Club and its prospects. This is reflected in the dwindling attendances at home games.  Our surveys reveal that many supporters remain hostile to the Club’s owners, because of their conduct over a number of years. However, the purchase of ACL by Wasps changes the context and could give CCFC an opportunity to develop a positive long-term relationship with Wasps, to the mutual benefit of both Clubs.
We should ask CCFC to tell us, in the light of the above factors, what strategy they are now following to turn-around the fortunes of the Club over the next few years and to state clearly their ambitions for the Club. We should also ask them what steps they are taking to develop a positive, mutually beneficial relationship with Wasps and how that sits with their stated intention to build a new ground for CCFC.

We will ask the Club to respond in full on the above points by the end of December 2014.  In the light of their response, we will then consult Trust members on the future stance of the Trust in relation to the Club and its owners.

Roger will draft the letter and circulate it to Board members for comment.

It was also agreed that John will ask SD to clarify what they are doing to press for independent regulation of football in the UK.

Discussions with Wasps

Jan and Steve will be meeting Nick Eastwood later this week to seek an update from Wasps on their plans and the effect they may have on CCFC.  They will also discuss with Nick the nature of their future relationship with the Trust.


It was agreed that Roger will submit a new “round” of FOI requests about the possible stadium development.

Email updates

The Board welcomed John’s proposal and agreed that he would implement it.


As the site is no longer available, it was agreed that Jan should approach ACL and/or the Club, as appropriate, to seek to make arrangements for a Trust “presence” inside the Ricoh.

Open Meetings

1 December 2014 - Nick Eastwood, CEO of Wasps

5 January 2015 - meeting cancelled

It was agreed to discuss a programme of future meetings at the December Board meeting.

Next meeting

Monday 15 December 2014, at 7.30pm, venue to be agreed.

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