Jan Mokrzycki (Chair), Moz Baker, Rachael Brown, Roger Ellis, Frank Smith, Andy Turbitt, Bruce Walker


John Fletcher, Steve Brown, CJ Joiner


The minutes of the meeting on 22 September 2014 were approved as a correct record. It was agreed to consider matters arising from them at the November meeting, as the Board members concerned had sent apologies.


The Board welcomed Frank and Bruce to their first Board meeting.

It was agreed to carry out a survey of members to assess why attendances at the Ricoh this season have been low and also to ask whether members would want to see the Higgs shares in ACL sold to CCFC.

It was agreed to look sympathetically at any request for support from the supporters of Coventry RFC

Finance and Membership

Rachael reported that 11 new members had joined this month and on the payment of invoices.  It was agreed that Rachael would take over the role of Membership Secretary.

It was also agreed to discuss, at the November Board meeting, the need for renewal of memberships in 2015 and the related topic of a membership card and member benefits.

Trust Stance

The Board held its monthly discussion on this topic.  It was noted that our current priorities are to ensure that the team stays at the Ricoh Arena for the long-term and to secure supporter involvement in the ownership and management of the Club.

It was agreed that we need to have a thorough discussion with the Club about the nature of our future relationship, seeking clarity about what we want from them and what, if anything, they want from us. Once the nature of those expectations is clear, we will need to consult Trust members before taking any steps.

Supporters Direct

It was agreed that Rachael will check to see whether the membership invoice has been paid.

Open Meetings

3 November 2014 - guest speaker Steven Pressley

1 December 2014 - Nick Eastwood, CEO of Wasps

5 January 2015 - meeting cancelled

Next meeting

Monday 17 November 2014, at 7.30pm

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