Steve Brown (Chair), Moz Baker, Roger Ellis, Jan Mokrzycki, Andy Turbitt, Rachael Brown, CJ Joiner




John Fletcher




The minutes of the meeting on 18 August 2014 were approved as a correct record.

Coach Service


Steve reported back on discussions with Gary.  It was agreed that Rachael will follow up on this with Gary, to ensure the coach service is appropriately reported in the accounts.




In John’s absence this was to be carried-over to the October meeting.




Rachael reported on the need to find new auditors.  It was agreed that Rachael would draft an email to Trust members seeking a properly qualified person to assist with this.

It was also agreed that Steve and Moz would act as signatories on the Trust bank account.

Rachael updated the Board on transactions since the last meeting.


Trust Stance


The Board agreed that although the team were no back at the Ricoh, an immediate priority must still be to secure a long term sustainable future for the Club at the Ricoh.  The recent discussions regarding London Wasps cast some doubt on that.  Jan outlined his understanding of the current position and agreed to seek further clarity from all parties, prior to publishing a statement.  We do still need to “Keep Coventry in Coventry.”


Andy Circulated some draft leaflets and asked for comments direct to him.


Fans Forum


An outline proposal for a Club fans’ forum were circulated and agreed.  It was also agreed that we should put forward Moz as a panel member for that forum.


Open Meeting


Jan reported that Steve Waggott can attend the next open meeting on 6 October.




Roger reported on proposed arrangements for the adjourned meeting of the AGM on 13 October. Four nominations have been received for the four vacancies, who will have to be approved at the AGM.


FSF Awards


It was agreed that Jan will write to members seeking suggested nominations for these awards.




It was agreed to raise ticketing and ball boys at the next SCG.


Next meeting


13 October 2014, at the end of the AGM.

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